DICE a bouclé le travail sur les prochains patchs (client et serveur) pour la version PC de Battlefield Bad Company 2. Ca devrait être en test dans Steam dès ce soir, pour une sortie globale mercredi matin. Le patch (R7 côté client, R10 pour les serveurs) contient, entre autres, un nouveau server browser et un rééquilibrage des armes (volontairement non détaillé par DICE).

Notez que le patch R7 est incompatible avec les sauvegardes du solo : votre dernière sauvegarde en cours de mission (pour ceux qui n’ont pas encore torché le solo) sera corrompue, et il faudra recommencer cette mission du début.

Le changelog complet :[–SUITE–]

Here is the R7 client changelist.
MP – New Server browser
MP – Added 15 second spawn timer for Conquest/Rush gamemodes at the start of round to prevent high end machines getting the upper hand before other machines load in.
MP – Crash fixes relating to ALT+TAB at different times throughout the game
MP – Hang fix when trying to connect to a full server multiple times
MP – Deletion of soldiers now possible through the account pages in game
MP – Removed screen flash during loading
MP – Added support for colour blind players
MP – Fixed crashes relating to faulty server banners
MP – Servers closing during connection no longer cause the client to hang
MP – Auto team swap reflects correctly in the scoreboard
MP – Fixed scoreboards when switching teams before spawning
MP – Rush scoreboards fixed
MP – Veteran ranks no longer display as “12”
MP – Isla Innocentes MCOM building fixed where knifing the fence would destroy the building
MP – Logout/Login button correctly reflects the player status
MP – Added minimum number of players needed to start a round (you can still start playing and take objectives but you won’t get any score until 4 or more players join the server)
MP – Isla Inocentes welcome message on the loading screen now fits the text box area
MP – Reduced the brightness in Russian vehicles
MP – Medic gadgets now display correctly if the defib is not unlocked
MP – Server filter options are remembered
MP – Punkbuster filter now works as intended
MP – Scroll bar no longer overlays the Join Server button in the friends list panel
MP – CANCEL server refresh is implemented
MP – Zooming in on a friendly using the SAIGA no longer causes the crosshair to disappear
MP – The chat no longer displays the incorrect player name when appearing
MP – FoV switches to the default value of 55 when entering vehicles to prevent graphical glitches caused by wider FoV settings. The custom FoV returns when exiting vehicles.
MP – FoV no longer causes the UAV station to rotate
MP – Fix to correctly display the unlock progression at the end of round
MP – Chat functionality will no longer freeze after writing a partial message at the end of round
MP – One account can no longer connect to the same server multiple times
MP – Squad Death Match is correctly named during loading
MP – Server browser no longer gets a bad FPS when filtering Conquest
MP – Server info banners correctly clear between displays
MP – Setting display settings which the system hardware can not handle no longer makes the game unusable
MP – Correct camera collision for vehicles’ heavy machine gun
MP – Game no longer crashes if the player sends a message in the loading screen
MP – Trying to join a full server no longer causes the game to hang on Please Wait message
MP – Most server filter options are remembered it doesn’t remember the setting in dropdowns
MP – Kit/gadget loadout saved between sessions
MP – Window on static guns is now transparent on DirectX 9 systems
SP – Fixed crashes when patching and trying to resume a campaign (there is now a message that you need to re-play the latest mission from the beginning)
SP – Fixed a crash after the “Upriver” mission end cinematic
SP – Supply create at “Resupply at Flynn’s create” objective now supplies weapon ammo
SP – Hang fix when reaching the objective “Destroy Enemy Zu23”
SP – Fixed hang after “Storm Cockpit” objective
SP – Changed melee attack raycast to be detailed
SP – Game no longer crashes when transitioning between SP_03B to SP_04A when installed in Polish
SP – Game no longer crashes when killed by the first two enemies in the trenches on SP_01 when installed in Italian
SP – Updating to R7 will invalidate your single player save game. If you update you will need to play your last mission from the start. If you do not update you will not be able to play multiplayer.

Here is the R10 Server changelist
Punkbuster is required ON for ranked servers
Ranked servers cannot be started with a password
Autobalance message goes to text-chat instead of in the middle of the screen
Added weapon balance tweaks to a number of weapons – we are eagerly awaiting feedback!