Byte Sector revient de Toronto avec une interview du champion canadien de Halo 2. Voilà ce qui se passe quand on mélange progaming et FPS console :

BS: What’s your favourite play mode in Halo 2 ?
TV: My favorite play mode in Halo 2 is Multiplayer because I get to play with or against a bunch of people.

BS: What do you think of the franchise’s storyline and where do you think it will be going?
TV: The story is really good and I think the humans are going to win because the good side always wins, but the storyline truly is one of the best, and I’m looking forward to the story in Halo 3.

BS: What are you looking forward to in your gaming?
TV: I’m looking forward to getting sponsored and feeling proud of myself wearing sponsorship logos so I could represent myself and my sponsors as the Canadian Halo 2 Champion.

Puisqu’on vous dit que les jeux vidéo rendent con ! Con et riche : Zyos, un autre champion de Halo 2, a gagné plus de $80,000 l’an dernier grâce à ses sponsors. Allez, une dernière pour la route :

BS: It’s been rumoured that in Halo 3 , there’s going to be an entire disc of the game dedicated to gamers making their own maps. What do you think about that and how do you think it’ll add to the Xbox Live gameplay?
TV: I don’t think that’s going to happen because that would be too stupid to do. Nobody would like to play a map that hasn’t been created by Bungie because it is not official and because it would be just too boring playing them.