Le site officiel de BF1942 fait un nouvel update à propos de ce fameux patch 1.2 et des serveurs linux. Pour le patch, nous ne savons pas quand il sortira mais à présent nous savons ce qu’il y aura dedans. La liste des changements dans le gameplay est impressionante avec notamment une crosshair qui flashe quand vous touchez quelqu’un et des grenades moins efficaces contre les chars. [–SUITE–]

To paraphrase General George S. Patton, “BF1942 fans love to fight.” What you’ve surprised us with is your desire to build as well. Whether it’s in a community forum or in the game, you’ve taken the time to help others. By doing that, you help build the BF1942 community. Thank you.

Now, for the updates:

Well folks, we’re getting down to the wire with our 1.2 patch. We’ll be testing the fixes below and if all goes well you should see it soon. The patch will fix the following items:


Server CPU usage improvements
Remote console application is now fixed
Neutral flag/Spawn location bug fixed
Bug causing soldier animation states to be dropped fixed
Reconnection problems fixed
The ASE.dll “Failed to execute ASEQuery_init()” error is fixed
Bound sockets are released correctly
No longer need to reissue the “min.enableRemoteConsole/
enableRemoteAdmin” commands when the server restarts
Bocage CTF corrupted data fixed
People playing on a server should no longer be dropped during map- switches
Added feedback when the server registers a weapon hit. Shows with the crosshair flashes



Increased jeep’s sensitivity to shells (one shot/one kill)
Increased B-17 rate of fire for better carpet bombing
Increased damage for MG42 and Browning vs. infantry
Increased damage caused by airplane machineguns vs. other
Increased AA gun damage vs. infantry (1 shot/1 kill in torso/head)
Increased knife damage distance
Increased Tiger tank health by 25%
Slightly increased damage for MP40, MP18 and Thompson vs. infantry
Decreased grenades damage vs. tanks by 33%
Decreased deviation for pistol when running
Fixed M10 being considered as a jeep for splash damage


Cheat: Long View Distance is no longer working
Cheat: Wireframe is no longer working
Cheat: Turning Off Fog is no longer working


Irregular looping sounds and/or loss of sounds, bug has been fixed
Redundant sound state changes removed
Memory usage optimizations
Physics engine improved, (example: the mine on the sinking jeep issue is fixed)
Improved Security, copy protection, and connection performance
Totally new file structure


Bots do not jump in and out of vehicles anymore
Bots have improved mobility and behavior while sitting in tank turrets

This is still being debugged. We’ve got a nasty bug with client connections being detected. Once that’s out of the way we’ll go into full beta testing with the Linux server.

Thank you, Acutus!