Atari vient de sortir le patch 2.0 pour la version européenne de Boiling Point : Road to Hell. Il contient une foule de corrections de bugs et d’améliorations, notamment au niveau des véhicules et de l’IA. Ca pèse tout de même 200 Mo ; vous pouvez le trouver chez 3DGamers. Le readme ? [–SUITE–]

Boiling Point: Road to Hell by Deep Shadows – European retail v2.0 patch




-Game stability, reduces the unexpected crashes when playing, loading a
savegame& […] -Car dynamics / helicopter dynamics Cars : better realism when a car hits the
player or the -Non Playable Character, better behaviour of IA in trucks or
-General improvement of IA: NPC and warrior IA, characters move when hooting,
adapt their behaviour according to the situation
-Weapon balance, weapon upgrades correct, and at he Arms dealer, all weapons
are available for purchase according to the design of the game


-Car’s disappearance
-Collision : grenades do not remain stuck in walls when launched, prisoners do
not remain stuck in walls when delivered, tree have collisions.
-Position of dead bodies has been reworked, animation of the jaguar is more
-Player and Non Playable Player positions in the environment have been checked
and no character appears in mid-air or stuck in one of the scenery item.
Clipping issues have been solved as well.
-Missions : fixing some bugs. Bus drive missions : the money earned after
completing a mission now corresponds to the expected amount which is promised
before starting the mission. Whimpy mission: the objective is now complete only
when Whimpy is rescued at night as stated in the objective. Missions which have
been completed are cleared from the Missions Objectives Screen.
-Hints are now appearing opportunely
-Sounds which were missing (e.g. splash water) are now implemented
-Camera control when firing from Pirania
-Rendering landscape when flying on plane
-Some situations where user car gets lost
-NPC name which sometimes appeared in the list of vehicles
-In the list of vehicles, now the last car you were using is N1
-Snake which were able to bite you when crawling
-Too big moon has been readjusted
-Corrupted frames between AVI movies
-Windows look like dark squares when it rains
-Some doors disappear under some view angles on indoor levels
-Boat which appeared to be filled with water / Boat trace disappears and
flockers under some viewing angles
-Some flickering carpets on federal base, flickering posters in city,
flickering triangles when lit by flashlights on small river bridge
-Shadows of dogs
-Water and landswell now animated in 6th cutscene
-White square from car lights are no more visible on GeForce cards, white
square is no more visible around moon at some days
-Grenades explode before NPC die
-Flowers in Granny’s hands
-Tail of the plane touches the ground
-Music sudden volume change fixed
-Some localisation issues, mistranslations, missing speeches, text overlappings
have been fixed


-Grass rendering and fixed flickering on hill tops


-Added cans to fuel different kind of vehicles
-Upgrades to repair weapons
-Support of non 4:3 video modes


This patch is the latest update for Boiling Point. Applying the patch 1.1 on
your computer will automatically update all your previous versions already
installed without any problem.


1. Sometimes all items from inventory were lost
2. Sounds not playing properly after a long gaming section
3. Improper animation is played after death
4. On some few PC’s the game is slow after a long session
5. Random exception (crash) on load/save when save-file exceeds 40MB
6. Random exception (crash) when entering a car (using KEY “e”)
7. Car in the inventory can disappear


As our European Support team did report some problems with the Securom™copy
protection after applying patch 1 we worked close together with Sony / Securom™
on a general solution for this problem on Boiling Point: Road to Hell. While
applying the new patch 1.1. all problems on dvd disc verification should be

No more text message remains onscreen after a phone call.
Enemy declaration messages are now opportunely displayed.
Hint messages are displayed on time.

CIA Faction : missions are no more rewarded when not accomplished by Saul.
Suicide guy mission : once Saul fails this mission, it disappears from the
mission list.
Minor problems which led to impossibility to complete some missions are now

Graphical issues during the character’s death animation scene or NPC’s
animation in cities have been fixed.

Minor sound issues such as voiceover looping are fixed.

Minor camera issues which were noticed during the tests have been fixed.

Problem of user’s car which rarely remains stuck in the environment or which
location was not properly displayed on the minimap are solved.

Option do properly display for any taxi mission.

Localization : mismatch issues have been fixed.

Police station cannot be destroyed by a crossbow anymore.
When Saul drops one item, only this item disappears from his inventory.


Crashes : some rare crashes (hardly reproducable) were noticed throughout the
game, and especillay when loading the quicksaves. This has been improved a lot
with the patch as no crash occured.

AI : NPC’s behaviour has been improved in this patch version. Some examples are
as follows : NPC now avoid obstacles when moving, reply when being shot at,
animation and position are correct.