Techland, les développeurs polonais responsables du mignon mais très chiant Chrome, veulent récidiver avec SpecForce (le nouveau nom de Chrome: SpecForce, semble-t-il), sorte de suite du premier. Le background de SpecForce est édifiant : dans le futur, tout va mal, à vous de sauver le monde ! Le jeu, que Techland décrit comme un FPP-Shooter (First-Person Prout Shooter ?) futuriste, n’a pas encore de date de sortie mais s’offre aujourd’hui trois premières images.

[–SUITE–]Le communiqué de presse :

The game is set in the future, when humanity, united in a Federation, begins to colonize subsequent planetary systems in search of natural resources and living space. Soon, the Federation’s authorities, unprepared for the expansion, limit their actions to distributing the terraforming concessions among rivaling Exploring Corporations. Consecutive planets of the borderspace fall into the relentless rule of the mighty syndicates. The new worlds, devoid of the Federation’s supervision, become a dreamland for criminal activity on a yet unseen scale.

The humanity inevitably drifts towards anarchy. The situation is made even worse by the increasing number of cases of successful attacks on high representatives of the Federation’s authorities, by terrorists organisation members aided with a yet unknown stimulus. The synthetic enzymes based substance increases stamina, releases aggression and improves motorics. The results of the investigation indicate that the substance might have come from the laboratories of one of the terraforming corporations.

The gamer acts as an operative of future’s special forces unit – SpecForce. Established to fight crisis situations that threaten the Federation’s peace, equipped with the latest combat gear, the unit is the Federation’s elite rapid reaction force.