Ce week-end est sorti sur l’App Store PainKiller: Purgatory HD, une version iPad (uniquement) de PainKiller, coûtant une demi-douzaine d’euros. Le portage a été fait par Machineworks Northwest, le studio déjà coupable de l’horrible Prey Invasion (sur iPhone) et de l’abominable portage iOS de Duke Nukem 3D. Autant dire que c’est probablement une catastrophe… L’application a d’ailleurs déjà été enlevée de l’App Store, sans date de retour pour le moment.

Tous les détails dans les forums de TouchArcade, avec des impressions qui ne font guère envie :

Level designs so far have been very short, confined corridors and small rooms sectioned off by doors marked by pentagrams on the floor, much like the original, but in much smaller chunks. While I can appreciate that this may have been done to conserve RAM, it makes each section feel claustrophobic and contrived. Battling enemies occurs in very small clusters of two or three at a time, with new ones spawning in when you kill others.


The thing that made the original Painkiller such a romp was that it was an intense Serious Sam-style affair, thrashing hordes of evil baddies in cruel and sadistic ways with wonderfully exotic weapons while questing through the sinister yet majestic architecture of purgatory. The problem is that most of that has either been castrated or axed completely from this Painkiller, which turns it into a pretty pedestrian Quake-like FPS. Battles aren’t very intense, or if they are intense it’s because you keep walking through the damned enemies while you try to puree them with your primary weapon.