Quatre jours après l’annonce de Tribes : Fast Attack, nous commencons à y voir un peu plus clair sur ce que sera ce titre. Il s’agira de deux jeux en un : Tribes2 entièrement patché plus Tribes : Fast Attack, une sorte de Tribes2 plus simple, plus speed, plus hardcore, bref plus Tribes1.

Pour vous en convaincre, voici un extrait de la dernière interview de la devteam menée par GameSpyDaily :

Alex Rodberg: Well we are certainly well in touch with the community. Among the things that we know they are asking for is an opportunity to play TRIBES the way they fell in love with it, and that is fast — not relying on a gigantic team that is very challenging for gamers to organize. They want to play game. They don’t want to run meetings, and practices, and trying to get 30 people to show up at the same place at the same time.. So we are giving them this set of physics that is far faster, we are turning down the automatic defenses in the game so it’s not about getting killed by an automatic turret or whether a tank is completely ruling the map because their some experienced players at the helm… it’s really about players — I don’t want to say individual accomplishments, because its still a team-based game – but we no longer put a gun to your head and make you play as a team to have fun and be successful. This makes it so there’s room for individual accomplishments, certainly.

Bénit soit cet homme qui à TOUT compris (et maudit soit Dave Georgeson).