Comme tous les beta testeurs qui n’ont de beta testeurs que le nom, je viens de recevoir la dernière newsletter sur le développement d’IGI2. C’est beaucoup de blabla pour pas grand chose :

Le jeu est donc repoussé pour février 2003. Il en est toujours à la première phase de beta qui ne regroupe que 212 personnes. La 2ème phase à laquelle nous espérons participer pourrait commencer début décembre.

En fait le truc plus intéressant dans cette newsletter c’est le screenshots (ci-contre). [–SUITE–]

Welcome to the first in a series of IGI 2: Covert Strike community newsletters. First of all, a big thanks for your continued support through the game’s development. There’s a lot of work going on right now with IGI 2: Covert Strike and we’ll be keeping you informed with a series of these newsletters. We’ll be giving you access to exclusive artwork, interviews, music from the game, and running a great competition.
IGI 2: Covert Strike’s release was recently moved to February 2003, which enables us to add the features and polish that it really deserves. We are aware of the disappointment caused by slipping release dates and we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t believe it would result in significant improvements to the game.
Work on the single player section of the game continues at pace, at this stage we’re concentrating on bug fixing and game balancing but its still great to see the new features added every once in a while. Recent changes to the game engine have allowed for a much better looking and more dynamic water system. As well improved reflections and lighting the water now reacts to gunfire and explosions – see the attached screenshot for a preview of the new water system.

Q&A We will be holding a Q&A session with Richard Darling, Creative Director and founding member of Codemasters. Please send your IGI 2: Covert Strike questions to: [email protected]

Current beta test status:
With our extra development time, we’re now estimating that the start of phase 2 is early December.

Phase one:
Phase one has lasted much longer than we first intended it to, this has helped to get all of the major issues out of the way and the game has progressed significantly during the time.

Phase = 1
Number of Testers = 212
Map = Forrestraid
Number of Major Issues = Low – None
Number of Medium Issues = Medium
Number of Minor Issues = Medium – High

As well as finding and fixing bugs we are also currently working on:
– Improving dedicated server functionality
– Perfecting the maps
– Weapon balancing

Next issue:
Expect to receive another newsletter in a couple of weeks that will contain a detailed breakdown of the IGI 2: Covert Strike multiplayer design, answers to your Q&A and details of a competition we’ll be running.