Il n’y a pas grand chose à se mettre sous la dent depuis que Hell Let Loose a réussi son kickstarter en octobre dernier.

Les développeurs ont enfin mis en route leurs forums (vous recevrez progressivement vos invitations par email si vous avez soutenu le projet) et en ont profité pour mettre fin à cet interminable silence radio.

Ils prévoient donc un ensemble de fonctionnalités qu’ils estiment nécessaires avant de pouvoir passer leur jeu en Alpha (prévue pour mars 2018) mais confessent rencontrer pas mal d’embûches,  ce qui leur fait perdre du temps. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste certainement pas du tout exhaustive de ce qu’ils ont à faire. D’un point de vue de développeur on peut penser qu’ils ont encore une longue route à parcourir.

  • Tactical Map logic has been written – complexity (spawn points, sectors etc) are now being added, as are the initiation animations.
  • Binocular and scoped weapon models have been completed, and will be introduced once animations are complete. The coding logic behind these is very similar.
  • Garrison spawn wave logic is near final, with bug testing to iron out any remaining flaws.
  • Trucks are replicated and working, with the bells and whistles coming along shortly (engine sounds, deploying supplies, damage model). This is less about complexity and more about finishing it off.
  • Sector count victory condition needs to be updated.
  • Deployment menu needs to be updated.
  • Machinegun deployment logic needs to be coded.
  • German Officer skin has been assigned to Officer role.
  • US Officer skin needs to be weight painted and assigned to Officer role.
  • Role load-outs need to be checked and delineated.
  • AT weapons (Bazooka and Panzershreck) have had models completed and brought in, with animations underway.
  • St Marie Du Mont town center needs to be completed, as do several smaller farms.
  • Hurtgen Forest is at about 80% of completion, with additional details needing to be added in several plain sectors.
  • Our initial weapon list is almost complete in terms of 3D assets. Only the STG 44 and smoke grenades are currently outstanding.
  • All weapons are currently having all animation cycles updated and implemented.
  • SFX for all weapons is being overhauled.
  • The medic system is not yet begun. This will be rolled out in iterations – with increased complexity and functionality added as we go.
  • Scoreboard, Victory and Defeat screens have all been designed and need to be implemented.
  • Nearly all vehicles have been created in 3D and are in engine, but all except the Jeep, Kubelwagen, Deuce and Blitz are in holding pattern until post-Alpha: Opel Blitz, Deuce and a Half, Jeep, Kubelwagen, SdfKz 251, M3 Halftrack, Panther Tank, Sherman Tank, Firefly Sherman, Tiger 1, M3 Stuart, Panzer 2 ‘Luchs’, Wespe and Priest