Dans un billet datant du 22 août sur la page Facebook de Boss Key Studio, Cliff Bleszinski annonce que la plupart des armes auront un ironsight dans Bluestreak, son arena-shooter.

Looking at the spread of a weapon’s firing pattern to see how random it should be versus tightly coiled and contained, how much movement should change that, and how much iron sights tightens things up. Yes, we’re planning on having a *few* guns with iron sights via M2, the other weapons are planned to have alternate fires and other supplemental uses. Arena shooter purists sometimes shrug off iron sights and reloading as Call of Duty features, but as I like to say, everything in moderation. Some additions to the FPS genre are welcome and are here to stay. Reloading and some aiming can add a light layer of depth to the cadence of combat.