On savait déjà que le DLC Deadlies Warrior pour Chivalry ajouterait des vikings, des samurais et des spartiates. Aujourd’hui, découvrez les ninjas et les pirates, avec les cartes qui vont avec :


  • Gunpowder weapons for devastating ranged combat.
  • Drunken brawling.
  • A swig of rum dulls the pain so you can keep fighting with your health intact.
  • Molotov cocktails (warning: do not drink rum after igniting).


  • Sleight of hand allows projectiles to be thrown without switching weapons.
  • Rolls can evade high attacks, creating distance.
  • Fast and fragile melee combat provides high risk, high reward gameplay.
  • Move and attack silently.
  • Use smoke bombs and black eggs to disorient opponents.