Belgisch Gaming Nieuws a réalisé une interview de la devteam d’Y-Project. Elle parle principalement du concept du jeu, du mélange RPG/FPS et de la multitude de facon dont les joueurs pourront abordés le jeu. Un article court et intéressant.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that every shooter-fan will play the game as a soldier?

R: That’s exactly the point of the game! We’re not going to force you to play the game “our way” or the “right way”. In the past, far too many game designers treated computer games just like novels: there’s one way through it and that’s it then. However, computer games should be so much more. Think about replayability. We encourage players to try out unusual approaches for doing things in the game. And once they’ve finished the game, they can go back and discover all-new things about it. If you want to play the game like a shooter, the gameplay will change accordingly.