BlackRaptor nous informe que la devteam de NWO travaille actuellement sur le patch 1.41. Comme d’habitude, ils nous promettent des corrections de bug et une amélioration des performance grace notamment a un “Turbo Mode” pour les cartes 3D récentes :

New World Order update 1.41 is underway!
Keeping up the tradition of not only fixing compatibility issues but also giving the people real improve- ments to performance and game play, wenow are hard at work on NWO 1.41 – an update that once again transforms what you can expect from New World Order. NWO 1.41 will feature a new ‘turbo mode’ for hardware vertex / pixel shader enabled 3D-cards, such as the GeForce3 and up. The performance increase is significant. Overrall speedups for faster, smoother gameplay throughout. There is no quality loss. Networking is getting a new layer, enabling efficient data packing /compression for adapting auto- matically to available throughput in terms of number of packets per second and bandwidth on a link. While the Internet usually puts up a real fight against any game implemented networking scheme we are confident this new layer will punch through even some of the most limited trace routes out there. NWO 1.41 is being tweaked to overall play faster, smoother and better. – Jimbo”