La nouvelle version 2.4 du mod Fortress Forever pour Half Life² vient de sortir : ajout et correction de maps, suppression de bugs, équilibrage des classes et révision de l’interface. Les différents liens de téléchargement sont trouvables sur le site officiel du mod. Le très long changelog : [–SUITE–]

User Interface

* On-screen messages are now colour-coded for better visibility
o Green messages for us taking/capping their flag/ball
o Yellow messages for any flag/ball being dropped or returned
o Red messages for enemy taking your flag/ball or capping.
* Can now display more than 1 on-screen message
o Number of messages shown on the screen at a time controlled by cvar hud_messages
* Added deathnotice icons
o Unique per-level-SG icons
o Unique per-level-SG det icons
o Unique per-level burn icons
o Backstab icon
o New IC icon to match the model
* Ammo type shown next to the weapon icon in the bottom right
* New objective icon glyphs
* New flag carried icons
* Added border to all buildable icons
* When you get an increase of health/armor, it is shown on the HUD
* Level specific SG icons on the engi’s hud
* Added a hit indicator in the form of a customizable crosshair that shows up after you do damage
* Changed cl_teamcolouredhud foreground color to default rather than teamcoloured (can see health/armor icons now)
* hud_speedometer can now be colorized using hud_speedometer_color (0 for non-colored, 1 for abrupt color changes, 2 for smooth color changes)
* Added dropshadow to location text
* You now get a status icon when you’re locked-onto by an SG
* New, better CTF flaginfo:
o Now shows the name of who has your flag
o Now counts down time until flag returns
o Now shows location of dropped flags
o Flaginfo status icons fixed (sometimes they were displaying the wrong icon)
* Status of grellow pipes, detpacks, and jump pads are shown on the HUD

Generic / Misc Stuff

* Getting damaged slows you down if you’re above runspeed
o The slow is proportional to damage taken; if you take a little bit of damage you just get slowed a little bit. You can only be slowed to a minimum of your class’ base runspeed.
* Handheld concs don’t push other players
* You can now hold jump to bunnyhop rather than having to let go and press between each jump
o You can disable this, and use the old method using cl_jumpqueue 1
* sv_friction up from 4 to 5
* Reduced flag bounding box (from basic box +24 to basic box +8)
* Added logging for sentry and dispenser sabotaging
* Nail speed reduced to 50% of old speed
* Super shotgun reload speed raised, 0.6 -> 0.5 seconds to move into reload position, then 0.4 -> 0.35 seconds to reload each shell
* Single shotgun reload speed raised, 0.4 -> 0.25 seconds to reload each shell.
* Grenade throwspeed upped to 700 from 630
* Server tickrate defaulted to 66 from 33
* cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate defaulted to 66 from 33
* New announcer sounds
* New jump sounds


* New flag textures with speed highlighting
* All worldmodels/projectiles have a minimum light level
* Brighter blue and grellow demoman pipe textures
* Brighter nail texture
* Variable size flames functionality. Burn level 1 is now smaller flames than 2 and 3

Bug Fixes

* Jump pad build status icon is now a jump pad rather than a detpack
* Spectator names now work correctly
* Mapguide / Flythrough menu no longer appears whilst watching HLTV demos
* “View Flythrough” button now views the flythrough rather than showing a menu
* Fixed team coloured HUD turning white sometimes
* Engineer displays the nail symbol when he picks up nails, rather than cells
* Railgun now correctly displays nails as its ammo type
* Calling for ammo (ammome) now works
* Single shotgun reload end anim fixed
* Fixed SG constant locking/delocking at certain odd angles
* Fixed SG looking up when you’re right below it
* Fixed on-boot console errors:
o Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (conc_ragdoll_push)
o Parent cvar in client.dll not allowed (ffdev_target_speed_min)
o Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (dump_deletes_flush)
o Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (ffdev_disableentitydecals)
* sentrygun_upgraded log message was missing a space

Class-specific Changes

* Medic:
o Made dropped health packs heal by a maximum of 15 hp each
* Pyro:
o Flamethrower range reduced by 1/6th (384 back to 320)
* Sniper:
o Legshot duration reduced from 10s to 5s
* HWGuy:
o Mirv and mirvlet damage reduced to same as frags (180 to 145)
* Demoman:
o Yellow pipe radius reduced from 135 to 130
o Added detpipes demoman command – can now bind keys to det pipes and do other things aswell / more scripting flexibility (rather than having to worry about +attack2 and -attack2)
o Mirv and mirvlet damage reduced to same as frags (180 to 145)
* Spy:
o Gas grenades have been removed.
o Added smartcloak spy command – will loud cloak if you’re moving and silent cloak if you’re not
+ Old cloak + silent cloak removed from the menu, replaced with a single smartcloak command. A quick right click now defaults to smartcloak.
+ cloak and silent cloak old commands are still available from the console / binds / scripts for those who want them.
o HUD now shows what weapon you look like you’re holding when disguised.
o Sabotaged items no longer have strange behaviour before the sabotage is activated.
+ Quietly sabotaged SG no longer fires slightly inaccurately
+ Quietly sabotaged dispenser no longer reduces armor class of teammates that touch it
+ Quietly sabotaged dispenser no longer skips the “enemies are using your dispenser” message, and displays it as normal
* Engineer’s SG:
o Lockon time decreased from 0.5s to 0.2s
o Bullet pushforce doubled
o Bullet damage increased by about 17%
o Level 2 fire rate reduced by around 25%
o Turn speed increased by about 5%
o Stays aiming at where target was last seen for 1 second if a target was lost not killed
o Angular acceleration capped (it now behaves like a real object with a mass)
o Lowest pitch-down angle raised from -90 to -85 degrees
o Idle scan range reduced from +-40 to +-30 degrees
o Level 1 health increased by 10%
* Engineer (other)
o Dispensers now eat bags that touch them, with an appropriate sound 😉

Map changes

* Napoli
o New Invade/Defend map
* Ksour
o New Invade/Defend map
* Genesis
o New Attack/Defend the Zone map
* Fusion
o New Invade/Defend the Zone map
* Bases
o Major rebuild for gameplay, optimisation and visual improvements (loads of stuff!)
o Defence classes spawn lift side, offence classes spawn other side
o Bag resources redesigned (fr:30h/30a/130c/full-ammo/20s; rr-walkway/top-lift/lower:50h/50a/130c/full-ammo/1gren1/15s)
* Dustbowl
o Made all capture points into bucket caps
o Changed CP3 start area to be more like TFC, added a bag near the gate
o Opened the left-side room’s window to be more SG-friendly
o Added more countdown messages, etc
o Lowered run speed of flag carrier
o Flags moved to middle of routes out
o Visual improvements and fixes
* 2Fort
o Texturing fixes and tweaks
o Engy spawns at top spiral respawn, other defence classes spawn at far respawn, offence classes and snipers still spawn randomly at both
o All door triggers bigger so you can bhop through
o Sides of hole dropdown extended to obscure view of flag room from in hole
o Alarm bell added in basement that rings when someone comes via hole
o Bag resources redesigned (respawns:full-h-a-c-ammo/2s/team-only; resup-grenpacks:2gren1/2gren2/15s/team-only; btm-lift/mid-sp:50h/50a/130c/full-ammo/20s/team-only; water-exit:50h/50a/80c/full-ammo/30s/any-team)
* Schtop
o Security timer reduced to 40 seconds from 60
o Improved bag by security (130 cells up from 100, full ammo, and 10 seconds respawn time down from 30)
o Engy spawns at security side respawn
* Monkey
o Visual improvements and fixes
o Added ceiling to bottom of arch around back of flag room
o Defence classes spawn bottom, offence classes spawn top, demomen still spawn randomly
o Removed spawn turrets and put enemy kill triggers on resup doors instead
o No-annoyances in resups
o All door triggers bigger so you can bhop through
o Bags in resups give full ammo
o Fixed location bugs
* Destroy
o Much more user-friendly airlift
o Added locations
o Ladder guides only block players
o Fixed cubemap bugs
* Shutdown2
o Fixed lift sound
o No-annoyances in resups
o All door triggers bigger so you can bhop through
o Enemy kill triggers on resup doors
* Dropdown
o Fixed a bug regarding generator fires
o Fixed a visual issue resulting from detting the generator during prematch
* Aardvark
o Made it really easy for server admins to change the map’s sniper limit if they want

Lua changes

* Added player:ReloadClips()
* Message duration/color can now be controlled
o BroadCastMessage( message, duration )
o BroadCastMessage( “message”, duration, colorid e.g. Color.kRed )
o BroadCastMessage( “message”, duration, colorstring e.g. “255 255 255” )
o BroadCastMessageToPlayer() equivalents
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorid, colorid )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorid, colorstring )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorstring, colorid )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorid, colorid )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorstring, colorstring )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorid, colorstring )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorstring, colorid )
o SmartMessage( player, “playermessage”, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorstring, colorstring )
o SmartTeamMessage( team, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorid )
o SmartTeamMessage( team, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorid, colorstring )
o SmartTeamMessage( team, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorid )
o SmartTeamMessage( team, “teammessage”, “otherteamsmessage”, colorstring, colorstring )
o Added: Color.kDefault, Color.kBlue, Color.kRed, Color.kYellow, Color.kGreen, Color.kWhite, Color.kBlack, Color.kOrange, Color.kPink, Color.kPurple, Color.kGrey, Color.kInvalid
* SmartSpeak(player, “CTF_YOUGOTFLAG”, “CTF_GOTFLAG”, “CTF_LOSTFLAG”)” replaced by “RandomFlagTouchSpeak( player )” to randomly play 1 of 4 flag touched announcer sounds
* Fixed Lua support of all non-ff-specific entity inputs (things like func_breakable:onbreak() work now)