Strike Force, le fameux mod UT pseudo réaliste, vient de sortir en 1.80 (miroir shacknews). Il s’agit d’une alpha dont les changements sont décrit sur ce thread.

– menu pops up once SF is loaded
– strikeforce.ini has several changes for better performance
– new opengl drivers included (so everything wont be so dark)
– aksilenced and new ak put back in game
– Socom put back in game
-mp5sd shooting point adjusted
-mp5sd shooting rate slightly increased
-aimdot can be adjusted for size and color (relisez, vous avez mal lu)


-m203 adjusted to match ROF of M4 but has worse accuracy because it’s heavier
-flash on steyr should be gone
-Reloadsounds should now work on all Weapons.
-Falling damage modified
-Weapon damage modified
-G36 (stretch) in inv fixed
-Nade problems (stretch) in inv fixed
-Fixed map « After the Fall » new spawn points and cookies
-Removed Ghost Cam
– Walking|jump back, but it cant be used to override Pulse limit
– Damage is not affected by bHardcoremode any more
– Fixed cheat where you could enter « console commands » and adjust online specs
– Flash nades last longer & have higher radius
– Wall hit effect reduced in size
– Bullets have smoke again
– Wall hits have new spark effect
– Bulletholes smaller
– Smoke smaller after Wallhit
– Scope does more wobble. Wobbles faster if moving
– Shotgun shoots slower now
– Jumpdelay out, may the Pulsesystem safe
– Shellshock from Nades/Claymores should be in again without Pure
– aimdot color is remembered correctly now
– Widowmaker shoots a little slower
– mac 10 toned down
– fixed the widowmaker 2x zoom on start
– Worked on smoke grenades
– changed locational Damage :
Headshot : sniper only
Torsoshot: normal damage (Sniper 1shot kill)
Arms : 50% Damage (Sniper takes 2 shots)
Legs : 40% Damage (Sniper takes 2 shots) Speed is a little affected the less legs you have the slower you get)
– increased Flashbang effects
– Shellshock from Nades/Claymores should be in again without Pure
– aimdot color is remembered correctly now
– Size of aimdot changeable via slider in Options (ripped from IR2)
– Go into aim mode while firing
Changed Characterstats :
– Xin and JimLee have 85 HP and 260 GroundSpeed
– Crusader and MrAnarchy have 115 HP and 220 Groundspeed
– all other 100 HP and 245 Groundspeed
– Heartbeat should be going down a littler faster while resting (about 2 BPM every 2 secs)
– no static vertical recoil anymore. Added little Random effect so that norecoil keybind isnt that effective anymore
– Updated weaponstats. Perhaps they are now too low as they are 50% less damage due to the bhardcoremode Bugfix
– Inventory should reopen now if closed by error (as long as equipmenttime is running)
– Increased Jump Impact so fewer jumps.
– G36 accuracy fixed.
– Muzzle flash textures reduced in size
– Players now GIB when killed by grenade or claymore
– Fixed Crusader to have 115 Health.
– Fixed Scopewobble issue on G36
– Fixed the overpowered DE (hopefully)
– Terrormodels shouldnt glow any more in the dark
– Headshotzone fixed on sniper. Torso was also instantdeath
– Changed Widowmakermuzzleflash and firingrate
– Fixed Falling- and Stomping damage which was messed up due to hardcoremode now being switched off
– Tracerfire should be back in
– Grenades no longer disappear into walls
– Remove muzzle flash from MAC10, it has a silencer and they dont have muzzle flashes
– Crusader should start with silver M4, not black M4
– TK penalty greater – if you TK two (2) people you die