The Ghost Face de Scream arrive sur Dead by Daylight


Dead by Daylight comes in version 3.0 by bringing a new killer directly from the Scream universe , The Ghost Face . The power of this new killer is called Night Shroud , allowing him to become virtually undetectable for the survivors but also to squat or bend over, as a good stalker he is. On the side of the perks, I’m all ears, Thrilling Tremors, Furtive Chase and explained in detail here . This update also comes with a plethora of exchange balancing side and bug fixing , everything is detailed on the changelog full.Currently deployed only on the test servers, it should arrive in the days / weeks to come for all players.



  1. …..Je comprends toujours pas o_O….ce jeu plus chiant que la mort,toujours overhypé……….parce que attendre accroupi et maintenir une touche….c’est……fun ?!…..
    Bref… ne comprends pas ce jeu.

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