CVG a pu aller jouer à TimeSplitters: Future Perfect chez Electronic Arts. Ils en sont très contents et trouvent que le jeu est une sorte de TimeSplitters 2 amélioré. Remarquez, c’est déjà pas mal.

Once inside, we found traditional TimeSplitters fare mixed in with the promise of greater story integration and more scripted events. […] It was here that we encountered the first instance of a Cortez from a different timezone appearing at the appropriate moment to help you out just as you get stuck – what producer Mike Ress calls ‘meet yourself gameplay’. […]

Back outside we got our first taste of vehicular action; a jeep awaits in a garage and you can either take the driving seat or take control of the gun at the rear while your ally takes the wheel. Further on we came across an impassable gorge, which requires you to flick the controls which operate the bridge. Unfortunately, those are on the other side of the gorge; fortunately, you have an amazing anti-gravity gun with which to shift the controls then carry on the carnage. Fast, furious and very cool.