Zero-G Station vient d’interviewer la dev-team de Zero-G Marines:

ZGS: In addition to the usual multiplayer modes of play (CTF, DM), what other different or unique modes of play are you planning on implementing? Also what’s the maximum amount of players expected to be per game in the final version?

Dan: As well as CTF and DM, we do plan to implement Team play as well as Co-operative. In Team Play, the players will be able to customize their load-outs. We are currently debating the possibility of using OutRiders and Shuttles in multi-player. Lan and Modem will be supported. The number of levels and is still to be determined, but we are aiming for 16 players. There will be Space Station Cluster vs Station Cluster and possibly battle for control of a single Cluster, with each side using a Dome or Module for home base.

Zero-G est un des jeux que je suis le seul à attendre impatiement… bien que graphiquement le moteur 3D soit assez spartiate, je pense qu’un mélange de décors indoor-outdoor en apesanteur ou en faible pesanteur peut donner un résultat interessant et très original. Si les physiques sont bien agressives il pourra être possible de faire des manoeuvres totalement indédites.

En plus de leur interview, Zero-G nous offre une dixaine de nouveaux screenshots dont voici une sélection.