nFusion pond un FPS petit budget tous les six mois. Après Deadly Dozen 1&2 et LoS : Vietnam, ils annoncent Elite Warriors Vietnam, un jeu qui devrait permettre aux prolo que vous êtes de combattre aux côtés des Green Berets pour moins de 20 euros.

Le FPS pour les masses populaires. [–SUITE–]Each mission in Elite Warriors: Vietnam was developed with the direct assistance of former Studies and Observations Group (SOG) member and best-selling author, Maj. John L. Plaster. Serving three full combat tours as a recon team leader during the Vietnam War, Maj. Plaster led small 6-8 man recon teams on covert missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. Maj. Plaster’s SOG recon company was the highest decorated unit of the Vietnam War with five Congressional Medal of Honor recipients- men who became legends in the Special Ops community. The same dangers and obstacles SOG had to overcome to earn a Presidential Unit Citation in 2001 are waiting for you in Elite Warriors: Vietnam.

In Elite Warriors: Vietnam, you will fight along side Green Beret commandoes as you conduct classified missions deep in Southeast Asia. By using patrol techniques still being used today in Iraq and Afghanistan you will rescue downed pilots, ambush convoys, seize enemy prisoners, and discover targets for air attacks.