Comme prévu, ce gros patch pour Counter-Strike: Global Offensive contient deux nouvelles cartes, de_vertigo (Demolition) et ar_monastery (Arms Race), ainsi qu’une refonte du matchmaking pour le mode compétitif :

Au lieu de rejoindre une partie en cours, vous vous placerez dans une file d’attente, seul ou avec vos amis. Dès que dix joueurs compatibles seront disponibles, la partie débutera. Si l’un d’eux se déconnecte, il pourra revenir dans la partie, mais s’il abandonne, alors il devra attendre un certain temps avant de pouvoir rejoindre une nouvelle partie compétitive.

Le change log compet : [–SUITE–]

-Weapon changes:
—-Reduced p90 kill award from 300% of default to 200%.
—-Reduced other SMG kill awards from 300% of default to 200%.
—-Increased Bizon kill award from default to 200%.
—-Reduced all shotguns’ price by 300.
-Guns are now considered “reloaded” at the point during the reload animation in which they visually appear to be reloaded – this allows you to switch away from a gun after the new magazine has been entered without having to wait until the whole reload animation has finished * the weapon refire delay after starting a reload is not affected.
-Fixed HUD not showing during demo playback.
-Changes to Matchmaking Lobby
—-Removed global Join Button and added Join Buttons for individual friends in the Invite Friends section.
—-Join state is now visible when you browse the friends list.
—-Removed global Steam Profile button and added ability to click on any avatar image to see Steam Profile.
—-Removed global Invite Button and added Invite Buttons for individual friends in the Invite Friends section.
-Added new feature section to the main menu
-Fixed issue that caused doors and other “pusher” entities to move at the wrong speed when the tick rate was > 64 Hz.
-Fixed post-process blur effect getting enabled (and left on) during demo playback if the player invoked the buy menu.
-Fixed MOTD on OSX.
-Fixed scoreboard getting stuck in toggle mode after halftime sometimes.
-Fixed ability to connect to community servers using server browser from in*game pause menu.
-Fixed exploit where models could be subsituted via a hardware performance setting.
-Fixed memory corruption related to bots cleaning up their occupied nav areas.
-Fixed spectator glow materials not being precached.
-Resolved several minor bugs to clean up console spew on launch and map load.
-Fixed a crash associated with targetIDs and the sv_competitive_official_5v5 convar.
-Votes that match or exceed the number needed to succeed now end the vote early instead of waiting for the timer to expire.
-The radar now displays when a player or bomb is above and below you.
-Reduced the aim punch that happens when shot in arms and legs as well as in the chest/stomach when wearing chest armor.
-Slightly increased the velocity boost grenades get when thrown by moving players.
-Fixed in-game voice chat not working with some microphones on OSX.
-Added convars mp_teamname_t and mp_teamname_ct that allow overriding team names on the scoreboard.
-Fixed grenade bounce being significantly reduced when tossed at the ground at most angles.
-Fixed not being able to vote when spectating/observing or when the scoreboard was up.
-Changes to warmup period:
—-Players now respawn in the warmup period.
—-Warmup periods now only end when the warmup time expires.
—-Warmup period no longer allows friendly fire.
-The community server browser warning pop*up can now be dismissed and told to never show again.
-There is now a visual and audible change in place of the silence on planted c4 when its about to explode.
-Fixed the medals on the main menu showing the wrong categories.
-The Buy Previous hotkey in the buy menu now only buys things that you purchased in the previous round.
-Fixed an exploit that let players infinitely spawn golden knives.
-Fixed a case where if all players on both teams had the same clan team name the were considered on the same team.
-Fixed a crash on startup when launching a game by joining a game server from Steam