Electronic Arts vient d’annoncer Medal of Honor Vanguard, un FPS devant sortir en mars 2007 sur PS2 et Wii :

Step into the boots of Frank Keegan, Corporal of the 82nd Airborne Division and engage in battles throughout Europe. From Operation Husky on the shores of Sicily to Operation Varsity inside Nazi Germany, you’ll fight behind enemy lines in the epic WWII battles that turned America’s first paratroopers into heroes of WWII. Featuring spectacular graphics adding to epic combat intensity, Medal of Honor Vanguard makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe. As the first game in the Medal of Honor series to be released on the Nintendo Wii platform, players can expect Medal of Honor Vanguard to take full advantage of Wii’s one-of-a-kind controllers.

En gros, vous êtes un soldat américain qui botte le cul des nazis. Le jeu étant prévu à la fois sur PS2 et Wii, on peut craindre le pire concernant la qualité des graphismes.