PC.ign.com sort une preview de Savage, le jeu alliant un savant mélange de RTS et de FPS.

Le testeur, bien qu’ayant une préférence pour les RTS, a beaucoup aimé le jeu.
Il explique le background du jeu, les différences entre la partie action et la partie stratégie, les bâtiments, les unités et la différence entre jouer le commandeur ou un simple soldat.
Ça fait 2 pages, c’est en anglais et c’est ici.

Je vous livre la conclusion de son article :

All in all I was very impressed by what I saw. Not only did I have fun, but the game didn’t even crash once at this early stage. And the development team only has 7 people on it! That’s some hefty working from these guys considering the tech and effort that has obviously been applied at this point. After a bit over a year in development, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us with the more complete versions of Savage. I’m already getting antsy for another hit of this game and half of it wasn’t even there to show. Anyway, you can be certain you’ll be seeing more about this game come next year as it’s projected release is somewhere around May. In the meantime be sure to check out the screens and trailer in our media section.