HomeLan Fed fait sa petite interview promotion d’Angel Munoz, le fondateur de la Cyberathlete Professional League.

Rien de bien croustillant à part que pour 2003 on mangera encore du Counter Strike, qu’Epic est le copain officiel de la CPL avec sa future version ProGaming d’Unreal Tournament 2003, que les ProGamers sont l’équivalent des Pro Skateboarders (oui oui) et que les américains commencent à apprécier le ProGaming à la télé.

    HomeLAN – Counter-Strike is once again the biggest tournament at the upcoming CPL winter 2002 event. Why has this game, among all the other multiplayer action titles, still the most important for pro competition?

    Angel Munoz – Mostly because of the enormous popularity of the game and the fact that Valve continues to support the CPL by dedicating man hours to address our concerns and suggestions.

    Epic has also stepped up to the plate in a big way, and the communication between the CPL tournament administrators and the Epic people is constant and constructive. I am copied on some of the emails and it is admirable how seriously Epic is taking professional computer gaming. It has been suggested by them that a professional (pro) version of Unreal Tournament 2003 may be released, to help the CPL and other organizations with tournament execution and enhanced spectator possibilities.

    HomeLAN – Do you feel that the players who participate in CPL tournaments can be as important and famous as, say, pro skateboarders?

    Angel Munoz – I think that some gamers are already as famous as pro skateboarders, but mostly in the gaming community. And while some people complain about professional computer gaming being a niche, they forget how pervasive our pastime has become. 60% of all Americans play video games, or about 145 million people. As these demographics continue to expand worldwide and more people are attracted to multiplayer computer games, the interest in our sport and its top players will also continue to increase.

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