Reflex a été mis à jour en version 0.35.0. Le changelog :

Reduced air knockback on shotgun from 2 to 1.25
Increased plasma gun splash distance (mostly for plasma climbing)
Increased rocket splash radius from 80 to 96
Tweaked rocket self knockback to return rocket jumps to previous behaviour
Reduced IC damage but increased the rate it fires — overall damage per second is slightly lower
Players now have a 0% chance to respawn nearest to where they died (still needs work)
Tweaked the way plasma gun self knockback is applied for much improved plasma climbing.

Added r_desktop_composition cvar (defaults to 1)
Fixed error dialog when direct3d device fails to create
Significantly reduced network traffic when editing maps

Added support for multiple selection (control click)
Added support for moving / cloning / texturing / rotating multiple brushes
Added me_snapangle.
Added me_rotate_dec / me_rotate_inc to allow rotation of selection (numpad +/-)
Added support for rotating selections (both brushes and entities)