Les développeurs de Survarium annoncent l’arrivée de serveur européens le 5 janvier, date qui devrait vraisemblablement correspondre à l’open bêta européenne. Pas grand chose à dire de plus :

Come January 5th 2015 we will be launching some new servers, this time, located in Europe. This of course brings us to the launch of the European Open-Beta. A much anticipated event, both for us and all of you. The Beta will feature two variations of the PvP game mode; the traditional Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval. This event, while time consuming does not, for one moment, stop the development of Survarium.

Come next year we plan to add many new features to the game that will not only improve the performance, look and feel, but also add new content. And then of course we continue work on the greatly desired PvE (Freeplay) game mode.