Ils l’avaient, ils l’ont récupéré. Renegade Kid est fier de vous annoncer qu’ils possèdent de nouveau la licence de Dementium, leur premier FPS, l’arrachant des mains de SouthPeak. Ils vont pouvoir continuer la série qui était sorti sur DS.

We’re very excited about having Dementium return home. We will be exploring all possibilities, including sequels and ports, and we’re open to the idea of working with a publishing partner or going solo. We haven’t ruled it out, but we do not currently plan to do a Dementium kickstarter campaign. It is pretty great to have these options with a brand that both our loyal fear-loving fans and us love so dearly, and so dreadfully. The team is really looking forward to lose their minds again in the blood-soaked corridors of Dementium.