L’auteur du Garry’s Mod tente d’expliquer pourquoi les ventes de son jeu doublent chaque année depuis… 2006 !

  • Steam’s ever increasing popularity.
  • User generated content plays a massive role. Some of the gamemodes in GMod are like games of their own – so when a new gamemode gets released more people buy.
  • Team Fortress 2, Portal content. People play the games and want to play with their contents… we made sure to allow that stuff as much as we could.
  • Team Fortress 2 going free to play must have attracted a lot of people to the universe.
  • When Source Filmmaker was released a lot of people said things like “Valve just KILLED GMod”. But I’m guessing a lot of people unaware of GMod played with SFM, made a movie – and wanted a stupid effect that they’d seen in another movie… which was made in GMod. So they got it.
  • YouTube and Twitch in recent years have had a massive effect. If 15 million people see someone having fun in your game it’s going to make them want to play.
  • Minecraft. You’d think Minecraft would kill GMod’s popularity… but it’s kind of the opposite. People play Minecraft to death – they love it.. so they go out looking for other games that are a bit like it. Minecraft has attracted a lot of people that aren’t really PC gamers too. They play the game on the 360 or the iPad and everyone tells them that the PC version is better.
  • And of course Steam Sales.

Ils en sont à plus de 3,5M d’exemplaires vendus. A présent, ils bossent sur Rust, une espèce de mélange entre Minecraft et DayZ, et ils estiment que leur futur jeu n’aura jamais le même succès que Garry’s Mod.