System Shock 2 (1999) et Thief 2 (2000) viennent chacun de bénéficier chacun d’un bon gros patch corrigeant tout un tas de bugs et rajoutant quelques fonctionnalités destinées aux créateurs de niveaux. Ci-dessous le change log pour Thief 2 : [–SUITE–]

– fixed sky (non-)rendering bug when texture palette contained more than 246 textures
– fixed crash when using movie_disable/fm_movie_disable/movie_crop_exclude/fm_movie_crop_exclude config vars
– fixed bug with game dir write access test (gave false positives if game directory was assigned a custom icon in Windows)
– fixed issue with garbled HUD text on some older video cards
– fixed issue with crouching on crates
– fixed alpha calculation bug on scaled bitmap particles
– fixed bug with pendulum tweq stopping for angles larger than 32 degrees
– fixed issue with duplicate receptrons when added by a DML file
– fixed bug with force_ani_settings material flag not having any effect
– fixed crash when Corona property has no texture name specified
– fixed crash bug with “ForceCameraOverlayNormal” config var
– fixed song sound load failure if other format than in specified song file (i.e. if file is ogg but song file has wav)
– fixed crash when song sound file was not found
– fixed bug with display device selection on multi-device systems (probably picked the opposite device than the default/selected)
– fixed occasional crash related to 4096 sized textures
– fixed reversed gamma bindings and walk forward bind in options menu (requires re-bind to take effect) in the T1 INTRFACE.CRF patch (T1.7z)
– minor corrections to some HUD placement/size calculations for widescreen resolutions
– changed so horizontal and vertical mouse sensitivity is equal when “mouse_sensitivity_y_scale” is 1
– added config var “force_correct_rope_lengths” that enables correct rope length calculations (1.18 and older are incorrect), especially useful for T1 missions with problems to reach ropes
– added “mouse_sensitivity_use_aspect” bind var to enable old behavior where horizontal/vertical mouse sensitivity differ based on resolution aspect ratio
– added support for RLE compressed BMP images (RLE4/RLE8)
– added localization support to FMSel (so FMSel UI can be translated)
– added FM language support to game and updated FMSel to make use of it
– added support for the original indeo5 codec (ir50_32.dll), may improve movie playback on slower CPUs
– added option to use enhanced ray trace for AI body/suspicious obj detection (“enhanced_aidetect_trace”)
– added option to disable light gem (“vismeter_hide”)

– fixed rare mono console related bug that caused editor to hang (was remedied by enabling monolog, no longer necessary)
– fixed a less common crash when compiling rooms, caused by newly created room brushes that were excluded from compile usually by a me-only area brush (crash was preceded by a “Attempt to get room 0 of 0” assert)
– fixed crash bug when selecting sky surface if texture palette contains more than 246 textures and editor is using software rendering
– fixed a couple of crash bugs related to editing the Creature Type property
– fixed bug where loading a stripped mission could result in wrong texture assignments on terrain surfaces
– fixed bug in reconstruct_rooms that it assigned default room instead of reconstructing the original room types
– fixed crash that could occur during extensive UV editing when running editor with HW rendering
– fixed so creating a new stimulus archetype doesn’t require editor restart for propagators to work
– fixed sunlight object shadow bug
– fixed crash that under certain circumstances could occur during UV align editing
– fixed crash when loading file at editor startup through “file” config var
– fixed crash with Scaled bitmap particles when invalid bitmap and added mono warnings
– fixed issue with precision select and tiny point sized brushes
– fixed issue with uvmap_cylinder when using non-symmetric textures and rot 90 (and allowed it to be used on pyramid brushes)
– fixed prim_special command to only allow setting valid types, to prevent more or less obvious bad things from happening (even if it appeared to work in previous versions, it could cause memory overwrites which are very bad)
– added prim_cylinder/pyramid/cpyramid commands for quick type set and sides
– added proper support for negative Extra Light property again (worked in T1 but was removed after), this also fixes the hot plates bug in TG Mage Towers
– added option in Rope property to use correct rope length calculations (see modders_notes.txt)
– added “Use Model 5” flag for random model tweqs, so randomization includes Model 5 (1.19 falsely always included it, which could break existing content)
– added support for “Bitmap disk” particles to use the default disk texture if no bitmap name is specified
– added support for mission (and location) defined env maps
– added viewport bg image support
– added lg.ini option to enable word wrapping for Editor Comments property
– added “default_tx_scale” config var for user defined default brush texture scale
– added option to show texture index in texture palette
– added hilight brushes using texture command to texture palette context menu
– added support for user configurable precision of sdesc formatted floats (“sdesc_decimals”)
– added extended option for sunlight to allow all shadowed/unshadowed quad/non-quad combinations
– added config option “show_world_limits” to draw world limits in 2D viewports (line color can be changed with “edit_color_grid_lim”)
– increased max length for “bitmap” images (with ani frames) from 6 to 28
– changed room building so room brushes with invalid room types still get used, with the default room type, instead of being ignored