J’en chialerais presque tellement c’était inespéré : Day One a sorti un patch pour F.E.A.R. 3 qui, en plus de corriger pas mal de bugs, permet de virer le FOV et de régler le motion blur. A moins que ce soit l’inverse. L’émotion… J’en perds mes moyens.

* Stuttering and jerky movement at frame rates above 30 fps is fixed!
* Steam voice communication “push-to-talk” option is now fully supported.
* 4-player voice chat should no longer have audio drop-outs.
* A rare bug that would cause enemies to stop spawning in Contractions is now fixed.
* The game will now prefer Steam cloud storage over local file system storage.
* Network connection reliability has been improved.
* Support for wider than 16×9 aspect ratio displays has been added to support users with non-standard display devices and spanned multi-monitor displays like AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround.
* An “options.cfg” file has been added to the F.E.A.R. 3 install directory for advanced user customization and troubleshooting. Included in this file are options to extend the FOV on narrow aspect ratio displays, reduce or remove motion blur, and to override driver-default settings for full-screen refresh rate, overscan, letterboxing, etc.

Le jeu est plutôt réussi (cf notre test), malheureusement il est encore un peu cher (plus de 35 euros), mais le jour où il sera en promo à 15~20€, ne passez pas à côté.