a une interview avec Paul Wedgwood, le patron de Splash Damage, où celui-ci explique qu’il fait tout son possible pour fournir des conditions de travail agréables à ses employés. Surtout, il raconte que Splash Damage n’hésite pas à jeter à la poubelle son travail s’il le trouve mauvais. Ils ont ainsi jeté une dizaine de maps d’Enemy Territory: Quake Wars et quatre maps de Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

We’ve never made anything that’s crap, we’ve never compromised on iterating on something until we felt it was good. We’ve always been really prepared to cut content that isn’t fun. Even Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, we had four complete maps that we didn’t ship with the game. One was a perfect-scale replica, fully textured, of Colditz. We invested probably 18 man months of time in it, but it just wasn’t fun. Ed [Stern] wrote the story for that over and over again, trying to solve building the glider that you used to escape from that map at the end.