DICE diffuse le changelog complet du prochain (et imminent) patch pour le mode multi de Medal of Honor sur PC. Pas mal de gros changements :

• Fixed the scenario when joining a friend on a password protected server caused a hang
• Ribbons and medals appear on unranked servers
• Jumping and shooting at the same time now affects the ability to be accurate with the weapons
• Added aiming spot in binoculars in hardcore mode
• Holding your breath and moving forward no longer takes you out of scope
• Modifications in weapon behaviour *see weapon tweaks below
• Increased the points needed to win a Domination/TDM game
— Increased TDM score from 1200 to 1400 points
— Increased Sector Control score from 1800 to 2600 points
• Decreased accuracy while shooting from the hip
• Cut points from score chain rewards in half
• Addressed the sniper rifle damage to bring the sniper rifle more in line with the other kits
• Increased the amount of recoil and spread *see weapon tweaks below
• Changed immortal time to 1.9 from 1.6 seconds after spawn to prevent the scenario of spawning in the open only to be shot on spawn in


• Assault Rifles
— Increased recoil
— Deviation
— Increased deviation when not zooming
— Deviation bug fixed (increased while shooting)
— Lowered close range damage
— Jumping deviation increased
• Carbines
— Increased recoil
— Deviation
— Increased deviation when not zooming
— Deviation increses faster than assault rifles
— Deviation bug fixed (increased while shooting)
— Jumping deviation increased
• Sniper rifles
— Headshot does the most damage
— Less damage from bolt action
— 2 shots to kill on body from long range
— 1 shot on body from short range
—- Normal: 8m
—- Ammo 2: 10m
—- Range: 9.6m
— Increased recoil on semi-automatic
• Soldier
— Damage by hit point
— Head
—- Headshots as before
— Body
—- Body shots as before
— Arms and legs
—- 20% less damage