Deux lecteurs de Shacknews (dont le fondateur travaille désormais chez Gearbox) ont été invités à jouer à Duke Nukem Forever dans les locaux de Gearbox Software. Leurs impressions :

I must, in fairness and full disclosure, confess that I went in to Gearbox today fully expecting to like what I saw. There were no question marks in my head. All I was expecting was Duke Nukem, some one liners, some juvenile raunchy humor, guns, PigCops, and explosions. That’s really all I needed. And you know what? That’s exactly what I got! […]

I played for probably 20 minutes, and in that time I offed a giant monster with a powerful Devastator, interacted with my environment, raced around in a car, got in a gunfight with PigCops while armed with a laser sight pistol, and blew some shit up with a nifty railgun. I did not get to use the shotgun (rumored to be awesome) and that’s fine, I want the full version to hold some surprises. I know it’s going to be quality. Did I mention the badass Devastator? Who cares about two weapons at a time! There is a fucking DEVASTATOR.

Il y aussi des photos des locaux. Merci à channie pour les liens.