Namco a passé un deal avec Dark Horse afin de créer une BD basée sur l’univers de Hellgate London :

Issue “0” begins when MI5 service agent Lyra Darius discovers a human charnel house in London whilst investigating the affairs of recently resigned Home Office Minister, Lord Sumerisle. Soon afterwards, Lyra is entangled in a bloody conspiracy with the Knights Templar in the build-up to the Battle of All Hallows’ Eve.

This exclusive Issue “0” comic is written by Ian Edginton, the critically acclaimed author of Scarlet Traces and the recent War of the Worlds web comic adaptation. Edginton teams up with Superman and Preacher artist Steve Pugh to explore this demon-ravaged metropolis in comic form.

Le numéro “0” sera distribué gratos à l’E3. D’ici une semaine, nul doute qu’on pourra le consulter sur internet.