Révélé il y a quelques jours déjà, Frontlines: Fuel of War est aujourd’hui officialisé par THQ. Prévu pour la fin 2007 sur PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 et PC, il s’agit du premier jeu de Kaos Studios, une devteam montée par les créateurs du mod Desert Combat pour BF1942. On nous promet une soixantaine de véhicules (mais aussi de l’infanterie), un monde ouvert et des missions non-linéaires, le tout dans un futur proche où les Occidentaux (les Gentils) se battent contre les Communistes (le Mal). Le scénario s’annonce profond.

Evidemment, une bonne partie de l’intérêt du jeu devrait résider plutôt dans son aspect multi… sur lequel on n’a pour l’instant aucune info. On ne sait d’ailleurs pas non plus quel moteur Kaos Studios utilise pour développer son jeu. THQ ayant récemment acheté une licence de l’Unreal Engine 3, on se demande tout de même si ce n’est pas ce moteur qui sera utilisé.

[–SUITE–]Le communiqué de presse™ :

THQ Announces Frontlines(TM): Fuel of War(TM) From Internal Developer Kaos Studios(TM)

Creators of Desert Combat and Key Technologies for Battlefield 2 Prepare for Next-Generation Warfare on PLAYSTATION(R)3, Xbox 360(TM) and Windows PC

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., April 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) announced today Frontlines(TM): Fuel of War(TM), the first product from its internal developer, Kaos Studios(TM). Founded by veterans of Trauma Studios, creators of Desert Combat and designer of key technologies for Battlefield 2, Kaos Studios is set to deliver an evolution in riveting, open-world first-person shooter gameplay. Frontlines: Fuel of War is being developed for PLAYSTATION(R)3, Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC, and is expected to be released in fall 2007.

“Frontlines: Fuel of War will take players to the next generation of combat. The game focuses on the cutting edge in military technology that will allow players to experience the highly-charged frontlines of tomorrow, today,” said Frank DeLise, general manager, Kaos Studios. “Through intense, nail biting, non-linear single- or multi-player campaigns, players will be able to use more than 60 vehicles and advanced weaponry, from next-generation assault tanks to experimental RC drones.”

“Kaos Studios represents THQ’s increased focus on fostering the industry’s most talented individuals to deliver innovative and original titles for the next-gen cycle,” said Kelly Flock, executive vice president, worldwide publishing, THQ. “Frontlines: Fuel of War bridges two of the most popular genres in gaming, and it’s all from the very creative minds of an elite team with a proven track record of success.”

About Frontlines: Fuel of War

Frontlines: Fuel of War is an open world, infantry- and vehicle-based FPS (First Person Shooter) featuring advanced next-gen weaponry in a desperate, near future setting where controlling the planet’s depleting fossil resources determines the ultimate fate of civilization. A global war for oil is being waged between two superpowers, the Western Coalition (US/EU) and the Red Star Alliance (Russia/China), and players will be instrumental in determining how the war is waged — and won. The single player campaign will focus on this powerful storyline as players’ execute missions focused on non-linear gameplay, moving their frontline through enemy held territory.

About Kaos Studios

Kaos Studios, a division of THQ Inc. located in New York City, was formed in 2005 by industry veterans of the FPS genre. The core members of the group came from Trauma Studios, creators of Desert Combat (one of the most successful mods of all time from the original Battlefield) and the R&D team for DICE’s Battlefield 2. The 50-person team includes additional members from the development teams of other acclaimed shooters, including FEAR, Medal of Honor and Doom 3. More information about Kaos Studios and its products can be found at www.kaosstudios.com.