Après avoir sorti en 2003 un Chrome bien pourri et en 2005 un Chrome: SpecForce tout pareil (et aujourd’hui officiellement ravalé au rang de mission pack), Techland annonce aujourd’hui une vraie suite à Chrome pour PC et consoles « next-gen ». Ca devrait sortir en 2007 et utiliser la nouvelle itération du moteur maison de Techland. Pour l’instant, le développeur polonais bosse sur Call of Juarez (et semble avoir abandonné son projet de FPS horrifique Island of Living Dead), mais dès que possible les programmeurs passeront sur le prochain Chrome.

Techland promet que ce Chrome 2 bis contiendra des idées de gameplay « jamais ou mal utilisées auparavant », ce qui n’est finalement pas très rassurant.[–SUITE–]

Techland officially confirmed that it’s working on a sequel to 2003’s sci-fi tactical FPS game – Chrome.

The yet unnamed game will be based on the latest version of Chrome Engine, presumably – ver.2007. Rumors and speculation about Chrome sequel have roamed around since last year’s Chrome SpecForce – stand-alone mission pack release.

Pawel Marchewka – Techland’s CEO said : “We made a decision to begin production of Chrome sequel early in 2005, however the pre-production really started in the beginning of this year. Now, when Call of Juarez – our currently most important project enters beta phase, part of the team may redirect its work to first stages of Chrome sequel development. For some time now we are experimenting with interesting concepts taken form books, comics and sci-fi movies that at this point were never ported into video games or were ported without success. Basing on the few first elements we prototyped for the next part of Chrome we think it will revolutionize sci-fi games, allowing players to experience brand new content and original gameplay.”

At this stage of development Techland reveals only that the game will feature a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer squad based play for up to 64 players. The game is planned to be released for PC and a next-gen platform. An exact release date for the game has not yet been set.

Fore more info on Chrome’s sequel and Techland’s current projects visit www.chromethegame.com and www.techland.pl/en.