Vu chez nos voisins de la FFF : X-bit Labs a rédigé un comparatif des derniers CPU en se basant uniquement sur leurs performances sous Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., Quake 4 et Serious Sam 2. Alors, quel est le meilleur processeur pour jouer ? C’est le tout dernier Athlon et les Intel sont plutôt mal menés dans tous les benchmarks. Mais, mais, mais… et si pour une fois vous preniez la peine de lire ce qui est écrit à côté des jolis tableaux ?

In order to reveal the performance dependence on the CPU speed we had to set lower resolution, disable anti-aliasing, reduce the textures quality, etc. In these testing conditions all CPUs provided more or less acceptable fps rate. Some processors were faster, some were slower, however, in real gameplay with real graphics quality settings any gamer would use all this advantage will disappear. This is because the graphics quality and other gaming settings are usually determined by the graphics card potential. By increasing the quality settings, the fps rate will drop down to 40-60 fps, which is ok for normal gaming experience. And you know, any Pentium 4 CPU with the actual working frequency of 3.0GHz and up and any Athlon 64 with the performance rating of 3000+ and up can process that number of frames per second, as we have already shown in our tests. In other words, in real gaming conditions the performance will still be limited by the graphics processor, and not by the CPU.

I have to stress that we arrived at this conclusion having one of the today’s fastest and most powerful graphics cards in our system: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT. And if this powerful graphics card doesn’t require a super-fast CPU, then what can we say about the mainstream graphics solutions? It means that gamers with the mainstream or slower video subsystem shouldn’t even think of getting a powerful CPU: it will be just a waste of money.

Rangez vos bites, fermez vos braquettes, inutile de vous masturber sur les perf de votre Athlon FX-57 qui coûte l’équivalent d’un SMIC : son importance est négligeable comparée à celle de votre carte 3D.