Ça n’est pas tous les jours qu’un éditeur nous annonce qu’il va sortir un FPS qui ne révolutionne rien du tout. De mémoire d’homme, ça n’était jamais arrivé. Il faut bien un début à tout, pourtant, et c’est donc l’éditeur américain inconnu Game Factory Interactive qui s’y colle en annonçant la sortie d’un FPS russe nommé RattHunter. Développé par Secret Sign, RattHunter est un FPS futuriste, scripté et avec des véhicules. Vu la configuration requise, on imagine qu’il est aussi un peu laid.

Ah, on nous promet tout de même des physiques « avancées », des puzzles et des ennemis à tuer, le tout au milieu d’un scénario qui n’intéresse probablement même pas les développeurs. On ne sait pas trop quand ça sort aux USA et du coup encore moins en France. Enfin, au moins, l’éditeur de RattHunter ne joue pas du pipeau.[–SUITE–]Le communiqué de presse :

RattHunter is a traditional first-person shooter set in a hi-tech environment. It does not push the envelope or bring something fresh to the genre, since we feel that there is little place for innovation in today’s action games market. It is, however, solid, polished and smart. Developers lay the emphasis on original ideas in visualization and gameplay design.
The action takes place on a remote planet, which is located in a G-class star system. Its gravity, atmosphere and other conditions are pretty much the same as on Earth. The planet is rich in minerals, and the low depth of occurrence allows for strip mining.

The main character of the game is a freelance reporter who started an independent investigation in order to expose the truth behind the disappearances of workers of a corporate facility. The installation, located on a remote planet, is a primary research site for ROOM, a highly potent “miracle drug”. During the game, players will have the chance to use various mechanisms (turrets, cranes) and drives vehicles such as bikes and buggies.
RattHunter features traditional, by-the-book gameplay, which does not wander into the realm of tactical shooters such as Rainbow Six. Players will have to overcome different obstacles and solve various puzzles in order to get to the next level. They will also get to shoot monsters, but there is no goal such as “Kill everyone”; the adversaries are just a device to maintain the tension and further the story. The advanced physics engine used in the game allowed us to create a highly interactive environment.

Features run-down:

– 8 weapon types (a great help in a serious investigation!);
– More than 20 locations filled to the brim with dangerous enemies;
– A wide assortment of adversaries, ranging from horrible genetic mutants, cyborg sentries and corporate mercenaries, each differing in behavior and combat tactics. Some of them hunt in packs, the others may try to outflank or perform a sudden attack;
– Numerous objects showcase the advanced physics engine. They can be thrown, overturn, moved or used for various means (for example, a barricade);
– A thrilling story with sharp plot turns, insidious betrayals and unexpected allies. Dive into the haunting memories of the past and discover the jaw-dropping truth about your real identity;
– Objective-based levels;
– Travel by foot or use bikes, buggies or hovercraft.

Minimum Configuration

Windows 2000/XP, DirectX 9.0с
1.5 MHz Pentium III/Athlon
256 MB RAM
Quad-speed CD- or DVD-drive
DirectX 8-compatible graphics card
DirectX 9-compatible sound card