Le pach 1.73 pour World War II Online est sorti depuis peu. A l’origine il devait ajouter un nouvel avion, le D520, et un bouton de commandement sur l’interface dont la fonction reste encore mystérieuse. Quoiqu’il en soit, ces deux ajouts ont été reportés au prochain patch qui sortira la semaine prochaine.

Vous trouverez une liste de miroirs où télecharger ce patch sur le site officiel de WWIIO. On remercie DrOoPy pour toutes les infos. [–SUITE–]

World War Two Online
ver# 173 (Public)

-Fixed CTD bug
-Fixed damage model position on the Flak88
-Fixed bug for damaged buildings where hit marks were still being displayed
-Fixed physics loop bug in relation to aircraft wing damage
-Fixed Panhard turret traverse and elevate
-Fixed collision detection so aircraft should no longer sink/flip boats on collision
-Fixed a few memory leaks
-Fixed a bug where out of supplied towns would become in supply after a server restart
-Fixed a bug where vehicles spawned in for over an hour could not be resupplied
-Fixed a side switch bug
-Fixed “The Turin” bug in manual stockpiling of vehicles
-Fixed a sound bug where some engine and other vehicle sounds were not playing
-Fixed a list of terrain bugs and added more cover around some CP’s.
-New SETTINGS.EXE (adds controls for ambient sound settings)

-Adjusted spawn lists (minor)
-Changed contention and supply interaction. Contention no longer keeps vehicles from Automatically Resupplying.
-Changed rank and spawn lists interaction. Rank Limits for vehicles now applied to mission vehicles instead of non-mission vehicles. (note: before any rank could get any vehicle on a mission)
-Removed the ability to spawn at Area51

-Added lat long location text to tilde display
-Added new CP’s, Geilenkirchen, Gosport, Heinsberg, Roermond, Roermond West (all German) and Margate (England)
-Added 2 new “boat only” spawns at Le Crotoy (France) and Gosport (England)
-Added 2 new airfields, Heist Airdrome, Butte de Montfaucon Airdrome.
-Added 2 Spitfire “units” (spawns) to the mainland.
-Added 2 He-111 “units” (spawns) forward to German border.
-Added new training areas for each country, British Training near Scapa Flow, German Training near Keil, French Training near Brest
-Added Objective channel
-Added Blenheim MkIV-T (Torpedo plane for offline spawn and Channel dash event ONLY)
-Added German Z34 Destroyer (CRS/Channel Dash event ONLY)
-Added 5in weapon type
-Added torpedo weapon type
-Manual resupply code now works. All facilities can be manually resupplied. Airfields, docks and front-line ground facilities can be stockpiled above their normal spawn limits
-Spits and He111s can be RTBd to frontline fields now
-Added Objective channel
-Added “screen shake” effect for nearby explosions
-Added environmental sound effects (birds etc…they go quiet when there are explosions or gunfire)
-Added the ability to despawn at a non-origin military facility of the correct type and country, and have that vehicle addedd to the local pool. (note: vehicle should resupply to original base as if the vehicle was KIA).