La FFF a récupéré je ne sais où, eux non plus ne semblent pas le savoir, un bout de log IRC dans lequel Xian (concepteur chez id software) explique que toutes les releases de l’alpha ont été water-marked et que celle qui traine sur le net provient de chez ATI. Pour le coup, les rapports entre ATI et id ne sont plus du tout au beau fixe :

Xian> ATI leaked it
Xian> oh we will. We are hoping our rep gets fired.
Xian> John sent them a flame mail yesterday basically saying “This has hurt our relationship”
Xian> haha, no
Xian> not really
Xian> they sent us a development laptop with a full build of Unreal Warfare on it
Xian> yep
Xian> Well, we deleted it
Xian> that’s a whole can of worms we don’t want to get into
Xian> yeah, well, ATI has clearly violated our NDA
Xian> we thought about that.
Xian> but, no
Xian> ATI is on our shitlist righ tnow
Xian> we are not dealing with them until further notice
Xian> no, it’s not public chiQ
Xian> We know ATI leaked it. We watermark all releases
Xian> Squiggle: ATI has a relaxed policy about pre-release software. Remeber, they ave us a laptop that had Unreal Warfare loaded on it 3 months ago
Xian> They don’t seem to care about strict enforcement of NDA’s
Xian> on a positive note, people seem to *REALLY LIKE* the leaked shit

Ozh (FFF) ajoute quelques conseils pour tweaker votre config :

  • exec mediumquality
  • g_fov 120
  • r_depthbits 16
  • r_colorbits 16

Il est aussi possible de se mettre en always run en tapant “_speed” dans la console.