ActionVault a interviewé une partie de Ritual Entertainment, l’équipe chargée du developpement d’Elite Force 2, un FPS qui utilisera une nouvelle fois la licence Star Trek ainsi que le moteur Quake 3.

Action Vault: What’s the status with respect to multiplayer? What modes are likely to be available, and how much of a focus is it relative to the single-player mode?

Jon Galloway: We are really striving to make multiplayer a fun add-on to the single-player game. We will have some fun gameplay modes and maps that will be unique and distinctive, while also bring along some of the favorites from the genre.

Pat Jones: Elite Force II multiplayer is still being tweaked, so I could not say exactly what it is or isn’t. I can say that we are working to incorporate the majority of the modes available in Voyager: Elite Force and its expansion pack including a variety of different bots. Obviously, Elite Force II is primarily a single-player game and most of our effort is in providing a fun experience and great story for the Star Trek fan.

Pas grand chose de vraiment intéressant, ça devrait être plus long que le premier volet, mieux scripté avec plus d’interaction avec les NPCs. L’interview complète est disponible ici.