Comme prévu, le premier patch pour Mobile Forces vient de sortir. Il ne pése qu’1Mo et est disponible chez :

o Rockets made less powerful against players on foot.
o Accuracy and response time improved for Shotgun.
o Less waver on sniper rifle.
o Increased number of grenades per slot.
o Tossed trip mines now beep intermittently.
o Optional Low-damage mode (turn “hardcore” option off in Game Settings).
o Configurable time to wait before respawn after player death.
o Players cannot now fire though loadout blockers.
o Players cannot now enter enemy loadout rooms using vehicles.
o Improved sunlight algorithms.
o Map list now works for all game types.
o Players cannot now change teams during detonation countdown.

Logiquement, le netcode devrait améliorer les performances du jeu online.