Amazon posséde une fiche produit sur Tribes Fast Attack, un jeu développé par Sierra et qui devrait sortir fin Novembre.

Marweas explique que Tribes Fast Attack est le nom de code d’un produit dont ils discutent actuellement mais que rien n’est confirmé à l’heure actuelle :

The likeliest scenario is that a Sierra sales person passed on to the Amazon people a sell sheet of something being discussed at one point. Yes, “Fast Attack” is a code name for a Tribes product we have been discussing, but no, we have not green-lighted any new Tribes products, let alone set any ship dates. Similarly, the sys req’s and the ESRB rating are probably placeholder text.

You all know that we’re figuring out the future product line-up for Tribes. When there is a decision and a committment and a contract, I will be the first to tell everyone all about it. Until then, it’s just speculation and rumors – that later get held against you – and I want no part of it.

Whether this gets you stoked or pisses you off, ease back and wait for something official. It may save you some disappointment in the long run. – Alex

Source : Tribalwar