VE a écrit hier un rapport de leur entrevue avec Valve. Il contient quelques screenshots de la technologie multicast en action (déjà vue) ainsi qu’une liste des changement apportés par la version 1.3 de Counter Strike:

– Multicast spectator added.
– Voice communication added.
– Added server chat to logging.
– Redesigned multiplayer scoreboard.
– CapsLock key is now bindable.
– Switching to Spectator is now logged.
– Changed minimum value for “mp_chattime” to 1 second
– Changed minimum value for “mp_buytime” to 0.25 (15 seconds)
Radio commands can be heard by nearby enemies.

Bug Fixes :
Bunny hopping removed.
Fixed client-side shots not matching the server-side counterparts.
– Fixed banned.cfg problem with more than 1024 entries.
– Fixed screenshots overwriting each other.
– Buffer overflow exploit fixed.
– “condump”, “cmdlist”, and “cvarlist” only write out to the game directory.
– Fixed Spectator mode bug.
Fixed hitbox issues.
– Fixed nightvision bug. (kesako?!!)
– Fixed “slot10” not working correctly.