• SilentGames a interviewé la devteam de Cover Operations, un mod semi-réaliste pour Q3A. Ils y expliquent entre autre pourquoi Q3 et pas HL. A croire que certaines personnes ont besoin qu’on leur explique que le moteur de HL est beaucoup moins puissant que celui de Q3.
  • VE a réalisé une interview d’Andrew Brazier (Call Of Chtulu). Petit extrait:

    Voodoo Extreme – Call of Cthulhu is taking a different approach to the player HUD and also for its weapons. Can you be more specific as to what you have planned?

    Andrew Brazier – Basically there is no HUD on screen throughout normal gameplay. This is because we didn’t want anything to encroach on the player’s experience of what he is
    seeing. So there is no beating health gauge or ammo counter – this info is available via a separate screen (when the game action is paused), but for the majority of normal gameplay the player will be relying on feedback from the control system to guage the health of his character. If you’re walking around leaving blood everywhere, you can guess you’re pretty badly injured….

    Il y a aussi 3 sshots à la fin de leur article.

  • Darry Nichols (Associate Producer de Tribes 2) a été interviewé sur BarrysWorld. Et comme je suis méchant je vous propose de lire la pire de ses réponses:

    But while Tribes 2 has a reputation for being brilliant, it also has one for being more bug-ridden than other games.

    When you consider how many operating systems there are, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 NT… the list goes on – and then how many video cards and all the drivers for those cards? We sat down one day and figured out that there are roughly 75,000 different combinations to get right. If you were developing for PlayStation2, how many operating systems do you have to worry about? One! In my experience the people who have been complaining – well a lot of the time – their drivers aren’t up to date. But when complaints do come in we take a look. Obviously anything that affects gameplay we’d take an immediate look at it.