Sortie mardi, la nouvelle mise à jour de The War Z permet à présent de louer des serveurs privés. Comptez entre 0,60$ et 1,40$ par slot selon les options que vous choisissez soit, pour un serveur de 10 places, entre 6$ et 14$ par mois… Malheureusement, le nombre minimal de slots est fixé à 50 ce qui rend les serveurs hors de prix ! Il est actuellement possible de configurer les serveurs pour retirer le crosshair, l’affichage des noms, les balles traçantes, et prochainement vous pourrez même désactiver le PvP.

Malgré toute la haine que le jeu a pu s’attirer, il reste encore très populaire. Rien que sur Steam, où il n’a été vendu que durant quelques jours, il regroupe plus de joueurs que Natural Selection 2.

La mise à jour contient également de nouvelles armes, la possibilité de voir les membres de votre groupe sur la carte, des corrections de bugs et bien d’autre choses : [–SUITE–]

Server Rentals
Server rentals are live!
To access server rentals:
Click « Play Game »
Then click « My Servers »
Finally click « Rent Game Server »
Server Rental Pricing
During the first introductory period our pricing will likely be between $.60 and $1.40 per server slot per month, depending on the options you’ve selected. Servers in the EU will also cost slightly more.
Server Rental Options
New Maps in the future
United States
Rental Period
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
Custom Server name.
Custom Password for your friends.
This is currently unavailable but will be added at a future date. The option will allow you to turn off all PvP aspects of the game.
Show Name Plates
Show Crosshair
Show Tracers

A maximum of 10 people are able to join your group.
To add someone to your group:
Press the tab key
Left click a players name
Select Invite to Group.
When in a group you can see the position of your teammates on the map. Just press M to access the map.

Safe Settlements
The vault is an area of safe settlements that allows you to access your global inventory. Once in a vault simply walk up to the NPC and press E (Use) once prompted.
General Store
The General Store will allow access to the Market Place. Like the vault you will need to press E (use) when prompted at the NPC to access the Market Place.

New Weapons
Mozin Rifle
A Russian bolt action rifle with an internally fed magazine, this reliable rifle has been in popular use through countless wars.

Standard US service pistol known for its minimal recoil and light weight

Compound Crossbow
String drawn compound hunting crossbow for silent kills. Uses bow arrows for ammo

We have added a bunch of new weapon spawns all over the map, as well as made a lot of spawns very lucrative!

Zombie spawns will be much more dangerous while they are around spawns that contain very valuable items. Make sure to bring your friends when you are going to attempt to go out and loot these!

Optimized server and clan browsers. These, both, should load much faster.
Improved the lighting in Colorado. Sunsets will look especially awesome now!

It is no longer possible to exploit server hopping while using alt+f4
While your clip is full you will not be able to reload. You must completely empty the clip so your gun will reload.
Fixed a bug that allowed users to have their names displayed when not being targeted.
Fixed a bug with backpacks where weight was not updating when moving items into it.
Fixed an issue with notes remaining visible after being killed